This is the Official Site for the Jet's Black Nuzlocke comic!

  • The Character Profiles are spoil free.
  • The Links page is full of other awesome Nuzlocke runs you should check out!
  • The Gallery is found under About, and has other pokemon related pics/comics.

Update Schedule

Jet's Black Nuzlocke Updates once a month, usually during the last week or so. No updates in November, I like to take a month to work on the script and plan ahead, and National Novel Writing Month is just as good an excuse as any.


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I also have an art blog on tumblr where I announce updates and post sketches and stuff. I also have a deviantArt where I post this comic as well as other pieces I make.

Got a Twitter? Follow me there for updates on this comic as well as posts letting you know when I'm streaming on Twitch, a great place to chat with me and ask me questions while I draw every Saturday at 8pm EST!

I'm on TVTropes!

Wow! I can't believe it! Jet's Black Nuzlocke is on the Nuzlocke Comics FanWorks Page on TVTropes.org. It's also on the Funny, TearJerker, and YMMV pages. This makes me so very happy!

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