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Name: Annie S Chen

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I love getting comments and questions. You can contact me on the Nuzlocke Forums, at my DeviantArt, or on Tumblr.

My History with Pokemon

My first Pokemon game was the old Red version for Gameboy Color. I was like a small child with a new puppy, we had fun together, but I didn't know how to properly care for it. At some point I got stuck and asked a friend to help beat the game for me. A few months later he returns the game, having left me in front of the Elite Four with a team of all lv100 Pokemon. I've since lost the cartridge. When I was older I got my first love: Ruby. I loved my Ruby version so much, I played it forever, and invested so much of my soul into that game that it was rather unhealthy. I would later buy FireRed (F.Red), but it was only so I could transfer first gen Pokemon into Ruby. One day I went downtown and when I came back, my Pokemon Ruby and the GBA Sp it was in were both gone. I had no idea what happened, where I left it, or if it had fallen out of my bag. I was heartbroken. I withdrew from the Pokemon world for a while after that, feeling like I had lost a part of myself. Pearl and Diamond came out, and while I was in China for the summer I decided I would move on and try to get into Pokemon again with Pearl. Pearl wasn't to replace Ruby, but it was to be a new start. I would be careful with this one, I would not loose it like I did my Ruby game. I learned too late to never buy a game in English when in China, because they are all hacks, and will eventually stop working. Pearl went into a coma right when I entered the snowy regions. One day I went to play and it just wouldn't turn on. I decided then and there that I was done with Pokemon for good.

"It all happens for a reason."

I discovered Nuzlocke comics a year or so before Black and White came out. It really spoke to me, especially the arch words of "everything happens for a reason." Here was a brand new game with all new pokemon and an exciting new way to play. This was my revival, and so until the game came out I refused to look at or read anything about it or the new Pokemon. I bought the game and set out on my Nuzlocke adventure, playing the game completely blind. Nuzlocke might not be for everyone, but it was defiantly for me, and I am grateful to the guy who first came up with this concept, and the Internet for picking it up.

The Website

I took a web design class while I was at college, and instead of making something useful like a portfolio website for the final project, I decided to make a website for this comic. I wrote all the html myself, so it's pretty rough I'll admit, but I like it well enough and it serves it's purpose just fine.

This website is hosted by Hostgator, the domain is bought from GoDaddy.

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