About the Comic

What is the Nuzlocke Challenge?

“Everything happens for a reason.”

The Nuzlocke challenge is a set of two self-imposed rules applied specifically to the popular Nintendo game, Pokemon, which is a turn based RPG game centered around capturing various creatures called Pokemon and pitting them against each other in battle. Started by one guy who wanted to increase the difficulty of the gameplay, the Nuzlocke rules are as follows:

  1. You can only catch the first pokemon encountered in an area. If you fail to catch it, then tough luck.
  2. If your pokemon faints you are to consider it dead and never use it again.

In Nuzlocke’s own words,

“I initially thought it would bring a little extra challenge and some variety to a series that had grown stale for me, but what I got was a new attachment and respect for the little virtual creatures I was sending into battle. The thought of losing them at any turn made them precious, and forced capture rule made me appreciate Pokemon I would have never even considered using.”

More on the Nuzlocke Challenge.

What are Nuzlocke Comics?

“After the tragedy of losing some of my brothers in battle, I felt like their story had to be written down.”

When Nuzlocke first started drawing his comic, it wasn’t supposed to be anything grand, yet it combusted into an internet-wide phenomenon, with trainers from all over taking on the Nuzlocke Challenge. Like Nuzlocke himself, many who undertake this challenge are then moved to share their own adventures in comic or written form. Following in step with the original Nuzlocke comic’s format, artistic talent has never been an entry bar for these comics. It’s all about the heart, the laughs and the tears.

Read the original Nuzlocke comic, the one that started it all.

About Jet's Black Nuzlocke

In addition to the two nuzlocke rules, some nuzlockes will have aditional rules or clauses. Here is a list of mine:

  • Can trade with NPCs as long as the Pokemon being traded was caught for the Nuzlocke and no other pokemon was caught in that area.
  • Can catch legendaries, but Reshiram is the only one I can use in battle.
  • Game Over only if there are absolutely no more pokemon left, in team and in the PC.
  • Blind run, without any prior knowledge or research before and while playing.

I started this comic in the summer of 2011, but had finished playing the game by then. I tried to make this comic very story-centered, but everything is based on the gameplay and my impressions.

There is no regular update schedule, I'm afraid. I work on the comic when I can, and I post as soon as I finish an episode. With every new episode I try and give an idea of when I hope the next episode will be done, though things dont always go according to plan. I also make announcements or when my vacation breaks are, or when there wont be any episodes. I'll try to have at least one new episode a month.

This comic can also be found on the Nuzforums and on DeviantArt, the links to which can be found at the top of every page. If you have an account I'd love to hear from you, and thank you for reading Jet's Black Nuzlocke!

What is OA?

OA stands for Other Adventures, and is a subforum in the Nuzforums for non-nuzlocke challenge runs, regular let's plays of any game, and Nuzlockes that dont quite follow the Nuzlocke Rules. Jet's Black Nuzlocke follows all the Nuzlocke rules the whole length of the game, except for when I first fought Lenora, who wiped my team. For story purposes I continued with my current team, not wanting to end the adventure so soon, and for that I broke one of the two Nuzlocke Rules. I put my Nuzlocke in Other Adventures so that I could focus on the story of the run instead of the legitimacy of it. I added OA to the end of the title, but kept the Nuzlocke part because I still consider it a Nuzlocke.

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